Manage your business risk on-demand with a vCISO

As a business, we know that security is always high on your list of concerns – but so is keeping costs under control. With your very own vCISO, you can prioritise both. 

At Conosco, our vCISO service has helped many businesses mitigate risks to their cyber security and information security, providing expert guidance when it’s needed most in a highly affordable way. It’s flexible, scalable and totally tailored to you.

What is a vCISO?

A vCISO is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. It’s an outsourced role designed to help businesses overcome their security challenges and vulnerabilities, without exhausting their IT resources. 

Working seamlessly with your existing security department, our vCISO acts as the qualified expert that you might not otherwise have been able to hire internally. They’ll help you understand the vast threat landscape and regulatory requirements, and build a robust security strategy and roadmap to combat them.

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What are the responsibilities of a vCISO?

  • Cyber security strategy
  • They’ll develop a complete threat management strategy for your business, tailored entirely to you and with your commercial goals in mind.
  • Ongoing risk assessment
  • Not only will they identify your current risk exposure, your vCISO will continuously monitor your risk across different operations.  
  • Compliance and data protection 
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of industry regulations, our vCISO will help drive compliance best practices and keep on top of incoming legislation.

How does our vCISO work?

Years of experience

We’ll use our years of experience in delivering technology solutions to gain a deep understanding of your organisations, your infrastructure and the kind of support you need so that we can establish continuous and thorough risk management. What’s more, we’ll do so in an agreement that works for you – whether it’s a retainer, an ongoing project or on an interim basis.

This will allow you to take advantage of the vast knowledge and accomplishments that our industry-experienced CISO’s have built from years of working across multiple sectors and disciplines. Our vCISO service covers setting strategic IT objectives, process optimisation, cyber security and information security.

Here are just some of the things we can manage: 

  • Disaster response and recovery simulations
  • Security vetting of products and services, 
  • Policy generation and reviews
  • Breach reporting and remediation

“ As a result of working with the Conosco’s Security Division, not only are we confident that our processes and procedures are fully ISO compliant, but we know that culturally, we are a business with a security mindset.”

Ben Ennis , COO, Medialab
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Specialist expertise

With years of experience in delivering effective security strategies, your vCISO will have established relationships with vendors, as well as access to additional resources which they can use to help meet your business objectives.

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Immediate availability

Our specialists are available immediately, which means you start seeing the impact straight away. Put in place easily, with no need for training or lengthy onboarding processes, it’s an instant boost to your security operation.

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Reduced business risk

Having a highly-qualified vCISO on board not only helps strengthen your protection against ever-prevalent cyber threats and attacks but also removes the risk associated with leaving top security roles unfilled for months at a time.

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Cost effective

Hiring this role in-house can get expensive in terms of salary, not to mention the cost of office space and equipment. With an outsourced, virtual role, you can expect significant cost savings without cutting corners or taking unnecessary risks.

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Upskilling your team

Our vCISOs are there to provide high-level guidance, not just for your senior leadership team and key stakeholders but across your entire security function. It’s a great opportunity to train and upskill existing employees, identifying any internal weaknesses and tackling them head-on.

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Total flexibility

There’s no long-term commitment with our vCISOs. Enabling you to get help when your business needs it, without the demands of the recruitment process. Whether you need support on a short-term project or expert advice on a monthly or quarterly basis, we can arrange something that works for you.