Providing a comprehensive IT strategy with clear timelines and deliverables, capable of future-proofing Cadogan’s IT infrastructure.

A close partnership that keeps Silver’s IT infrastructure ahead of the growing demands of their business.

Seamless, secure access to the office environment and standardised hardware across all sites. New clinics are able to operate efficiently and grow a new client base.

A resilient IT infrastructure which acts as the foundation for increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved employee productivity and business continuity; cost efficiency and scalability to enable business growth; access to enterprise-class security.

MTA have peace of mind knowing that their IT infrastructure and, most importantly, their IT support is working for their business, not against it.

Creating a more resilient, secure IT infrastructure suited to the legal firm’s specific requirements.

A rapid response by Conosco, with complex technical issues solved without repercussions. Supporting the business through complex transition to stable long-term state.

A successful event, streamed worldwide, with 478 attendees using the WiFi simultaneously with zero downtime.

With secure and efficient remote working capabilities and a streamlined office environment, AMP are able to tackle new projects without being tied down by technology.

Anya Hindmarch has been a client since our inception. We’ve given them a fully scalable, robust infrastructure, capable of managing growth in multiple territories.