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Should we stop blaming mobile phones?

In the age of technology and cloud computing, devices, connectivity and convenient access to files and applications have made our lives easier. But when it comes to digital distractions and social etiquette, few have caused as big a stir as smartphones.

Take a moment to consider how often you’ve noticed:

  • a colleague texting during a meeting
  • a friend scrolling through social media in the middle of dinner
  • a stranger texting whilst driving

It’s common for us to put the onus on the mobile phone, but it’s time that we recognise its benefits and stop blaming it entirely. Here we’re turning a few misconceptions on their heads.

“They distract us from work”

How is it possible that a single device is able to override our self-control and take our attention away from work tasks? If you consider a topical magazine of your choice, on your desk at work, in place of your smartphone, it’d probably have exactly the same distraction factor. We get distracted from work because we’re open to distractions, not because we have our phones.

“They make us unproductive”

Although this one’s closely linked to the statement above, this misconception is also a somewhat over-exaggerated. Again, you’ve got to be open to the distraction and willing to waste your time on your smartphone. In actual fact, the latest smartphone technology and apps have made it easier for us to be productive With apps like Wunderlist you can make to-do lists and get it all done without losing track.

Project management apps are also a great way to maximise time usage and ensure deadlines are met. We like Casual, OmiPlan, Asana and Microsoft project. There are many solutions on the market though, so do your research to find the one that you like best.

A cloud hosting service makes accessing vital information and documents easy on a cellphone. This means that if you’re stuck on public transport or waiting in a line somewhere, you can still access the information or service you need to continue working, wherever you may find yourself.

“They make us rude and impersonal in social situations”

Again, this is totally up to the person who owns the device and whether or not they’re fixated on their screen. If you find yourself tempted to look at your phone whilst at a dinner or social gathering, perhaps it’s a good idea to put it on aeroplane mode or leave it in the car. If your friends are anti-social smartphone-users, suggest that you all leave your phones in the middle of the table. The first person to reach for their phone has to pay the bill or get a round of drinks. It works every time.

No matter your stance on the smartphone, we all need technology to keep us connected. At Conosco we specialise in cloud services, cloud computing support and IT solutions that keep you connected to your important data at all times.

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