According to Gartner research, more than 70 percent of server workloads are being virtualised as we write. This shows that hardware virtualisation is not a passing trend; it’s an absolute necessity.

So why should businesses adopt hardware virtualisation?

A better synergy between strategy and information technology

Using virtual machines (VMs), IT is able to effectively channel its efforts into impressive, streamlined functionality instead of the standard hardware concerns of the past. Instead of focusing valuable resources on hardware, IT efforts can focus on strategically achieving specific business goals.

Utilise server resources more efficiently

There’s little chance of a business running efficiently when its servers are not. Through server consolidation, you could lessen server waste and secure lower running costs. This has a positive impact on both productivity and profitability. Just be sure to have a virtual strategy in place to ensure your devices are well maintained, so that you don’t experience costly pitfalls.

Enjoy increased adaptability

With virtualised machines, many businesses are able to avoid the rigid setbacks and limitations posed by physical hardware, since capacity can be scaled down or up on demand (this is done by adjusting the number of VMs running on a physical server). This scalability allows companies to work more fluidly and ultimately more successfully, since they’re able to change and adapt their strategies and processes much faster.

Improved data storage and recoverability

If you consider a business that has a large volume of important data that needs to be shared and stored, it could be a very time consuming and expensive exercise if done incorrectly.

Imagine if this data had to get lost or even worse, be rendered irretrievable? How would this business be able to continue running at its usual productive rate and recreate this data again? With the advent of IT services like virtualised machines and cloud storage, these things are taken care of, so that your IT performs faster and in an optimal way that’s fully adaptable to your business and its needs. That way, you don’t have to consider a way out of crisis situations that cost you valuable time and money. With a quicker and more flexible approach, businesses are also able to jump on to new opportunities much faster, without being limited by IT capabilities.

Allow your business to focus

Virtual machines have driven the emergence of cloud services, which has presented businesses with the opportunity to focus on their skillsets by moving non-core workloads – such as data storage and backup, disaster recovery, business continuity and web applications – to the cloud. This frees up time, resources and capital so that companies can spend their time on the key activities that reinforce their vision and values. This makes for a more cohesive business, as opposed to one that’s focussing resources into areas of little ability or interest.

Talk to the specialists

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