We offer structured IT audits for new clients, which are also available on a standalone consultancy basis. We will undertake a formal review of your IT systems and applications, as well as get an understanding of your business, its key drivers and how IT interacts with them.

For all IT audits, we provide a detailed written report, which documents and assesses your systems, highlighting areas of concern.


The aims of  IT audits are to:

  • Document your IT assets, including servers, PCs, network devices, internet connections, key applications
  • Create a network map
  • Understand your business and its key drivers


Assess your various IT systems for:

  • Suitability for purpose and efficiency
  • Age and warranty
  • Security risk
  • Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity


The IT audit is a free service for our new customers. Get in touch if your business could benefit from an in-depth IT review.


“I want to say a huge thank you to your onboarding team. I’m sure there are many more behind the scenes too. All have done a fantastic job and have been professional, supportive, efficient and reliable.”

– Jane Goodbody, Director, Opus Corporate Finance


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The Evolution of IT

Is your business IT evolutionary or revolutionary?

The Evolution of IT

Is your business IT evolutionary or revolutionary?

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