Introduction to GDPR

■ Security-focused discussions with key stakeholders
■ Tailored education on GDPR impact and applicability
■ Q&A
■ High-level summary report

What to expect 

To gain a high-level understanding of what GDPR means for your organisation through an onsite Q&A session and security-focussed discussions with key stakeholders. An executive summary report covering the information discovered on the day, and high-level recommendations are provided after the workshop.

The onsite portion of the workshop will take up to half a day, depending on the complexity of your organisation, with information review and report writing comprising the remaining time.

This day also functions as a scoping and information gathering exercise for the Full GDPR Compliance report.


Full GDPR Compliance Report  

■ Detailed Q&A with key stakeholders
■ Formalised requirements capture
■ Contextualised understanding of your business and data
■ Delivery of document template pack
■ Data flow map for key business areas/processes
■ Gap analysis
■ Documented report identifying GDPR requirements and remediation steps

Note: Remediation subject to requirement and quoted separately post report

What to expect 

By the end of the engagement you will understand what the GDPR means for your organisation, where you fall short on compliance, and the remedial steps you are required to take.

This process varies in length from business to business, most will be completed within a 5-day engagement. This is confirmed at the end of the first day, if the initial 1-day GDPR workshop has not been undertaken.

GDPR Seminar

An expert-led GDPR seminar (GDPR Introduction with Q&A) priced at day rate plus per attendee fee beyond a certain number.


Conosco will help you navigate the process strategically and systematically, ensuring that your business is ready come 25 May 2018. Contact the Conosco Security Division today on



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