Outsourced IT Support Services

Your IT is a pivotal part of your business; it empowers your people to do their job, it enables processes to be streamlined, for information to smoothly flow across the business and for you to deliver on your promises to customers.

You don’t just need your IT Solutions to work, you need them to be fully aligned to the needs of the business and to be professionally managed – this is where we come in, providing Managed IT Support Services.

Managed IT Support Services - Our Approach

We have created what we believe to be one of the best Managed IT Support teams in the industry with the competencies and scale to deliver unrivaled service to our clients.

We led the market in offering a ‘fixed-price’ Outsourced IT Support Service; we do this because we believe it best aligns our goals. It is in the interest of all involved for us to prevent issues, not just respond to them; to always address the root cause and not just the symptoms, and to add value to your business by being a true IT Support partner.

Holistic IT Support Service

As your Outsourced IT Support Partner, we provide a complete end-to-end service. We take responsibility for every component of your IT infrastructure and, as such, we are the single point of responsibility for configuration, support and maintenance.

Our central team are there for you 24x7, proactively monitoring your environment, responding to issues (often before you are aware of them), and taking care of all of the housekeeping such as configuration, back-ups, upgrades and patches. This team is supported by our field engineers who are able to quickly provide an onsite support when required.

Trusted Advisor

Our goal is for you to view us as your trusted advisor: to understand your business as well as you do, to provide advice on how best to leverage your IT solutions and to simplify and guide you through the complexities of technology.

You will find us pragmatic, open and challenging in a positive way. We live and breathe Managed IT Support and are missioned to help you gain every possible advantage from the technology you deploy, both now and in the future.

IT Support Excellence

Our business is built on IT support excellence and when you partner with Conosco you can rest assured you have the weight of the whole organisation supporting you.

We continually invest in technology that enables us to proactively monitor your environment from servers and the network through to end-user devices. This allows us to deliver an environment you can depend on and deliver IT support in a non-intrusive/non-disruptive manner. We pride ourselves on our speed to respond to clients and measure this in seconds, but most of all we judge ourselves on the incremental value we deliver for our clients.

Conosco IT Support

Discover more about our approach to Managed IT Support and the value we can deliver to you as your IT Partner.

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