Our IT Services

Technology continually evolves and so too do the needs of your organisation. As such, it is essential that you keep these ‘in step’ to maximise the value and advantage to your business.

Whether you are looking to upgrade core infrastructure, transition to a cloud or virtualised environment, address key pain points or need assistance with an office move, we can help you to take these projects in your stride with our IT Services.

Our Approach To IT Professional Services

We believe that there are three principles that underpin any successful IT project: it must provide incremental value to the business, it must take you closer to your ultimate long-term destination and it must deliver a secure and supportable environment.

We achieve this through our ‘Business First’ approach. We plan your IT Solutions based on what you want to achieve and ensure we address the now while strategically understanding the bigger picture. Our experience of Services & System Integration enables us to deliver IT solutions that will prove to be both reliable and supportable.

Methodical IT Project Management

We focus on delivering IT Professional Services and Systems Integration that meet our clients' expectations – they are on-time, on-budget and cause the least possible disruption to the business.

We achieve this by combining proven methodology with the benefit of experience. We meticulously plan and manage your project utilising Prince2 methodology. Our experienced team looks to reduce complexity at every step, minimising risk and maximising results, and above all else, we communicate and guide you through every step of your journey.

A Supported and Secure Solution

IT Support and IT Security are also key competencies at Conosco. This gives you the additional value of an IT Solution inherently designed and executed with end-to-end service management in mind.

You can rest assured that same level of ‘attention to detail’ we apply to IT Services is also applied to ensuring that your IT solutions are secure, future-proofed and can be fully managed and supported by either you or Conosco.

Conosco IT Services

Discover more about our IT Services and how the Conosco team can help you evolve your technology in line with business need.

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