Addressing Business Risk

Whereas policies, procedures and tools can all help to reduce business risk associated with Information and Cyber Security, the best line of defence is your people. 93% of cyber security professionals agree that humans and technology need to work together to protect against threats like phishing attacks.

At Conosco, we believe that a holistic programme of Information Security Awareness Training is an invaluable way for organisations to significantly reduce business risk.

Information Security Awareness Training

Our tailored Information Security Awareness Training programs help you to ensure your people play a key role in reducing business risk.

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Assessing Information Security Awareness

The best way to understand the level of Information Security Awareness within your organisation is to expose them to a simulated attack and measure how well they perform.

We can do this for you. We will simulate a phishing scam into your business and even a social engineered attack on key individuals and assess how well your people respond and whether a real attack would succeed on your business.

Ongoing Awareness Programmes

We strongly believe that regular Information Security Awareness Training is vital to ensure sufficient levels of staff awareness are maintained and reinforced.

One-off training often results in learning being quickly forgotten, and as such we offer ongoing awareness programmes, either online or classroom-based, to cater for new starters, changes in policy and legislation, or simply to continually reinforce awareness.