Information & Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Compliance Demonstrates You Can Be Trusted

When customers entrust you with their personal information, they want to know that you take this responsibility seriously. Demonstrable compliance to legislation is important, and certification against recognised standards can stand you apart from the competition.

At Conosco, we help organisations to comply with legislation and achieve cyber security certifications by guiding them through every step of the process.

Cyber Security Training: Compliance & Certification

In 2019, more than 50% of British firms reported a cyber attack, which is why it’s so important to be proactive. We have a range of services that help you to comply with legislation, or to obtain certification against recognised standards.

The best way to understand how we can help you with cyber security awareness training, is to speak with one of our consultants. Simply provide us with your details, and we will give you a call to discuss your options. Alternatively, take a look at our compliance and certification datasheet to find out more.

Staff Awareness Training

We can run staff awareness training on cyber security, to ensure that all of your employees remain vigilant and compliant.

Set up on our portal, we can educate your staff on everything from phishing and insider threats, to emails, web security and more.

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GDPR & PCI DSS Compliance

Every organisation that holds personal information on EU citizens is required to comply with GDPR. Plus, if you take card payments, you will also need to comply to PCI DSS.

At Conosco, we are fully versed in the legislation, and understand the requirements placed on businesses. We take the pressure away from your team, using our experience to assess your current processes against requirements and create a programme of steps to achieve compliance.

ISO 27001

If your organisation is looking to establish certification against a recognised standard such as ISO 27001:2013, we can help you understand what is involved.

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation, we fully understand the practices and steps that need to be adopted. We can therefore, help you to understand the process that should be followed when getting ISO 27001 certified, so you can demonstrate a high standard of information security.

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Cyber Essentials

One of the key cyber security certifications, as a trained and licenced certification body, we can help your business to become certified in Cyber Essentials.

Widely regarded as a benchmark of good cyber hygiene, this certification demonstrates your ability to safeguard sensitive data; therefore putting trust in you, from your customers.

Once you have obtained your Cyber Essentials accreditation, you can become certified in Cyber Essentials Plus.

We can help you with your pre-audit health checks, and assist you in your training, to enable youto become certified in this advanced creditation.

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Helping You Prepare For Audits

Whether you have had ISO 27001 or Cyber Essential certification for a while, or are about to embark on your first audit, we can help you take this in your stride.

Let our cyber security experts guide you through the steps to prepare for your audit. We can even conduct a pre-audit assessment to ensure that you have everything in good order and, where necessary, assist you in taking any remedial actions to ensure you pass.

To find out more about our cyber security services, get in touch with us today.

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