Cyber Security Services

Cyber criminals do not discriminate; every organisation is a target. The larger the enterprise, the greater the potential gain from data theft, whereas small or midsized companies can be the easier targets with less robust defences.

There is no shortage of people outlining the potential threats of cyber crime and vendors claiming their solutions provide the only real protection. But how do you make IT Security an integral part of how you run your business?

IT Security - Our Role

As Cyber Security specialists, we understand the threats that you face and the steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk. As an IT Services Provider, we know how best to configure your environment and leverage the tools available to make IT security an integral part of your environment.

Our role is to address the gaps in your defences against potential cyber-attacks. We augment your IT team with Cyber Security specialists who can take the practical remedial steps to secure your environment, perform network security monitoring and know what to do if a breach occurs.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security is not just something you can layer onto your existing IT environment; it is a way of thinking that has to be applied to every component. It includes how you segment your network, how you control access and even your password policy.

Our team of Cyber Security Specialists will help to raise IT security awareness within your organisation and will make the necessary remedial changes to your systems, network and processes to help mitigate risk.

Network Security Monitoring

Just like you would use an alarm monitoring company to protect your premises 24x7, we provide a similar service for Network Security Monitoring. After all, a cyber attack is more likely to occur when no one is around to detect it.

By leveraging industry-leading monitoring applications, our team is able to keep a watch on your IT environment 24x7, identifying potential breaches and responding to block and remediate any attack.

IT Security Best Practice

Our ISO27001 Information Security accreditation is underpinned by formal processes and best practices around cyber security.

The threats that every business face are constantly changing and becoming ever more sophisticated. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the threat landscape and helping you through training, remediation services and monitoring to stay one step ahead and take every action feasible to protect your business.

Conosco IT Security

Discover more about our approach to IT Security and how we help our clients to mitigate the risks of cyber crime.

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