Case Study: Defining a secure path to growth for a Media Agency


A data breach poses a significant financial and reputational risk to media companies. To avoid becoming the next headline, organisations need to thoroughly understand their risks.

Once media companies understand those risks, they can take measures to continuously protect against emerging threats. Collaboration throughout the organization, as well as with extended partners, will help to enforce strong security policies, controls and remediate unauthorized activities within the organisation.

Medialab Group is one of the fastest growing independent agencies in the UK. As an award-winning partner for growth Medialab consistently delivers transformative outcomes for organisations they work with. Following a Cyber Security attack, the company was reeling from the impact of the security breach and had lost confidence in its systems and processes.

Conosco as a Cyber Security Partner

“ As a result of working with the Conosco’s Security Division, not only are we confident that our processes and procedures are fully ISO compliant, but we know that culturally, we are a business with a security mindset.”

Ben Ennis, COO, Medialab

Meet Conosco’s Security Division:

  • Leads Conosco’s Security Team
  • Cyber Security Champion
  • Highly accredited & certified across industry standards
  • 15 + years experience implementing Security across organisations
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn: @HyltonStewart
  • Find our more about our Security services here.