Case Study: Crabtree & Evelyn

From critical to competitive

Rapid recovery and robust support for Crabtree and Evelyn.

Crabtree & Evelyn is an international retailer of body, fragrance and home care products with stores around the world. Conosco provided emergency support during a reorganisation and now provide long-term support to 20 UK stores and the London Head Office.

UK reorganisation threatened by IT implosion Early in 2017 Crabtree & Evelyn decided to outsource the operations of its Welsh distribution centre – but there was a snag: their UK server infrastructure and IT team were also based there.

The replacement IT manager, Devang Kalariya, was faced with 20 shops and a London office of 100 staff to support, a dozen critical and frail servers to move to London within four weeks, a rollout of a new shop EPOS system, an overrunning SAP implementation project to manage – and no engineers. He called a variety of IT services companies for help – and they all ducked the challenges.

A rapid response to a pressing issue

When Conosco first met Devang, he had four weeks before the Welsh centre was to close. Within days we had a senior engineer on site auditing the systems and devising a migration plan. This required quickly setting an IT strategy for the future, to know how to direct the migration. At the same time, we put engineers into the London office to support the staff there. We had a handover period from one of the old team of just three days. Within a week of our first meeting, we had put senior engineers on site, completed a systems audit, and started planning the server migrations.

Taking ownership of basics, enabling the client to focus on strategic issues  From the outset, we took ownership of the server migrations and desktop support. This meant providing a turnkey solution to each of these, with clear reporting lines back to Devang. Within days we had freed Devang’s time to allow him to start managing strategically, particularly so he could concentrate on the SAP project.

Supporting business through complex transition to stable long-term state
From the stressed situation we encountered at our first meeting, we have worked with Crabtree & Evelyn to support Devang and supply the skills and resources they needed to navigate the strategic changes and reach a stable state.
We are proud of – and enjoy – our ability to move fast and work flexibly, dealing with any situation but always working towards an engineered solution rather than a quick fix.

“Being in retail, we are expected to be online 24/7, so we are always under pressure to deliver this result. When Conosco came on board, we were going through drastic reorganisation in our IT department to modernise our IT infrastructure and services. I was looking for an outsourcing partner to help me to take care of day-to-day IT needs so that I could focus on the strategic side of the business. Conosco was ready to accept the challenge to deploy resources on such a short notice. I would definitely recommend Conosco – they are the best service providers with whom I have ever worked”

Devang Kalariya, IT Manager

The Future for Crabtree & Evelyn and Conosco

After something of a baptism of fire, we’re delighted to support Crabtree & Evelyn across their entire UK operations and look forward to continuing to do so as the business goes from strength to strength.

Business benefits:
• Relocation of major infrastructure managed with no impact on staff or retal operations
• Simultaneous server, desktop and POS upgrades have improved business resilience and future-proofed the business
• Foundations laid for more robust and efficient computing environment to support future business growth and new software implementations such as SAP