Case Study: Supporting an Innovative E-commerce Business


Moonpig worked hard from its inception to build a massive online following as the go-to destination for gifts, cards and flowers with a ‘personal touch’ for customers.

The rise of internet traffic, new product lines and expansion into Australia & USA, meant Moonpig needed to continually update technology, user experience and capabilities to maintain profitability, tackle competition and safeguard customers. Moonpig was looking for an experienced MSP to help

Conosco came strongly recommended to Moonpig and provided total technology solutions for over 9 years.
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Client Testimonial:

“ Conosco were without a doubt one of the key enablers to Moonpig success. I’m a big fan.”

Iain Martin, MD, Moonpig (2006-2015)

Meet Conosco’s Digital Transformation Leader:

Amit Dattani, Director of Technology

  • Leads Conosco’s Strategic Consulting Team
  • Digital Transformation Specialist
  • Client Facing Virtual CTO
  • 15 + years experience in Digital Retailing for Global Brands
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn: @AmitDattani

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