Case Study: Bespoke Business Mobile Communications for a Global Agency 


Four Communications is all about delivering powerful marketing campaigns by working together as one with their clients.

To be successful, Four requires seamless communications and the latest technology, all underpinned by a partnership with a strategic communications solutions provider who are able to:

  • Create the means to allow greater mobile working, using technology to improve staff productivity
  • Improve the efficiency of communications and staff availability across the business
  • Deliver cost savings across their mobile estate
  • Ensure better cost-predictability when teams travel abroad

This is how we are working with Four to provide a bespoke communications service:

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Client Testimonial:

“Conosco take the headache out of managing mobiles, and provides Four with a tariff that genuinely meets the needs of its staff, rather than finding a rough fit from a list of network tariffs. Four has a global footprint and teams constantly travelling, so the management of roaming costs is essential as well as ensuring staff can always connect and communicate. Conosco helps Four to run a sizeable mobile fleet efficiently, taking away the hassle of negotiating mobile contracts. The service just works.”

Jake Fraser, IT & Operations Director, Four Communications Group


Read the Four Communications Case Study: