Case Study: Business Communications for a Marine Investment Firm


Marine Capital Limited (MCL) is a shipping asset management specialist, providing direct shipping investment strategies for institutional investors.

MCL requires business communication freedom to ensure total mobility, fully managed by an experienced communications solutions provider who are able to:

  • Offer more choice to allow better mobile working, using technology to improve employee productivity
  • Provide a reliable direct working relationship with stakeholders to manage MCL’s mobile estate
  • Reduce overheads with adaptable business mobile plans
  • Actively manage all Roaming costs
  • Advise stakeholders with useful user trends and analysis

This is how we are working with MCL to provide a bespoke communications service:

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Client Testimonial:

I would highly recommend Conosco for their tailored, highly efficient and reliable service for communications.
They have saved us time and costs while offering a great bespoke mobile plan with more flexibility than dealing direct with the network

Prakash Panikker, COO, Marine Capital


Read the Marine Capital Case Study: