Office 365 Migration Services

At Conosco, we focus on ensuring your office 365 migration takes place with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business activities. We will manage and align what is possible for your company with your business needs through meticulous preparation, expertise and planning.

Advice and planning

We take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve from your migration, fully mapping your starting point to the desired end state and ensure that you are aware of everything Office 365 can offer. As part of our advice and planning we address the following areas:

  • What data you wish to migrate or archive.
  • Which Office 365 Apps you should be utilising.
  • How you migrate file servers and leverage collaborative drives.
  • How you maximise Office 365 security features.
  • The most appropriate licensing options to adopt.
  • Roadmap of the future rollout of applications and services.
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Transition and evolve

With the detailed migration plan in place, we then help you to execute the transition. This addresses everything from your system-wide set-up and data migration, through to configuring end-user devices and shared devices such as printers. Typical Office 365 migrations include the following areas:

  • Migration of data to collaborative drives and applications including OneDrive & SharePoint.
  • Migration of mailboxes from existing mail server to Exchange Online.
  • Alignment of user access through Active Directory.
  • Configuring end-user devices for mail, apps and drives.
  • Configuring shared peripherals such as printers.
  • Defining and configuring user access to apps such as Word and Excel.
  • Exploring the business value of using other Office 365 apps such as Skype for Business, Teams, etc.
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Security and compliance

As a cloud-based application suite, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to secure your deployment of Office 365. We help you to ensure that you not only secure access to Office 365 but also utilise the tools that it provides to protect information. This includes:

  • Deploying multi-factor authentication for access.
  • Deploying online email threat protection.
  • Advising on the use of data tags to strengthen information security.
  • Configuring access rights for end-users.
  • Configuring Microsoft Intune for mobile device management.
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Adoption and support

To gain the maximum out of your deployment of Office 365, you need it to be fully adopted by your users and for them to gain the productivity gains intended. We work with you to help ensure that your users smoothly transition to Office 365 and have the training they need to fully leverage all of the capabilities that it offers, this includes:

  • End-user Training.
  • Adoption Workshops & Surgeries.
  • Managed Support Services.