Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

If you’ve already got your Cyber Essentials accreditation, we can help you go one step further with a Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

As trained Cyber Essentials Plus practitioners, we’ll take you through the necessary steps to getting your advanced certification – further demonstrating excellent cyber hygiene. Speak to our team about getting certified

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

The Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is a government-backed and industry supported scheme, which goes one step further than the Cyber Essentials certification and is a more rigorous test of your organisations systems.

To gain accreditation for Cyber Essentials Plus, an independent certification body must conduct a comprehensive examination across your processes and systems, to verify that your cyber security measures are well set-up.

Becoming Cyber Essential Plus certified shows your commitment to cyber security, and can stand you in good stead if you’re bidding on any UK government or defence contracts.

Benefits of being Cyber Essentials Plus certified

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Shows commitment to security

By displaying your Cyber Essential Plus certification on your website it demonstrates to suppliers, regulators and partners that you take security seriously.

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Gain competitive advantage

Win business over competitors without the accreditation and be better positioned to work with highly regulated industries such as government and legal.

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Protect against cyber-attacks

By undergoing the Cyber Essential Plus Certification you will quickly be able to identify and remediate any gaps in cyber security ensuring that your processes and systems are robust, secure and compliant.

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Reduce the cost of cyber insurance

Cyber insurance agencies are likely to look more favourably on businesses that have achieved Cyber Essential Plus certification and therefore reduce their premiums.

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How can we help you become certified?

As we are also trained and certified, we can provide you with plenty of support on your journey to accreditation.

We’ll start off by helping you with a pre-audit health checks. We’ll then create a report identifying any vulnerabilities, and recommendations that you can implement into your IT infrastructure.

We can also assist you with the training and certification side of things, with one of our qualified assessors reviewing your company and carrying out vulnerability tests, to ensure you can be issued your Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Rest assured that with us, we’ll help your business to become fully compliant.

Talk to our security experts

Whether you’d like to become accredited in Cyber Essentials Plus, Cyber Essentials, or become ISO 27001 compliant, we can help. We have security analysts and a Security Operations Centre (SOC) on-hand to support all your security needs. Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out more.