Woopra – tracking and hunting your website visitors

Occasionally a product comes along that makes you realise how innovation had forgotten its category. Yesterday Dyson upgraded the office fan for the first time in 125 years. Today Woopra gave us real-time web site statistics.

Now you can watch visitors come and go with details of where they’re from geographically, how they got to your site, which pages they’ve been on, etc.

These data points are familiar to webmasters – but we’ve always got them hours or days later. Now that they’re live, Woopra have done the obvious but brilliant thing – let you click a button to chat with a visitor who looks interesting.

All they need to do is add company names (as Trovus does for my IT support services company) and web marketers will be hunting visitors in real time – using filters to pick the interesting ones, tracking their movements then pouncing on the best.