Windows 8 and Mac OSX gaining desktop share

Share of UK desktop OS

Is Windows 8 the new Windows Vista? Microsoft’s latest operating system has had a lot of bad press but it’s gaining in the market. Most market share statistics show 8 and 8.1 separately, which gives a grim picture, but we’ve combined them to show that the complaints about the baffling new interface (justified) and the modest repairs in the 8.1 update haven’t derailed it. It’s not growing as fast as Windows 7 did, but Win 7 followed the unloved Vista and benefitted from pent-up demand.

With drooping sales of PCs to consumers, who get the latest OS foist on them, the penetration of Win8 suggests a healthy uptake in the business sector – which can choose to put Win7 on new computers.

Meanwhile, Mac OSX continues to make steady progress, possibly even accelerating, and now has 16% of the UK market.

(The data show a strange blip in Windows XP share around September 2013, but the longer trends are undisturbed.)