The iPhone – loved and lacking

Well over a year old, still full of bugs and shortcomings, but much loved by many – the iPhone is a testament to the power of the Apple brand. Here are some things that continue to frustrate –

  • Texting is painfully slow. Waiting 10 secs to read a new text is ridiculous and defeats the instant nature of texting.
  • It’s slow in general, like most smartphones. The first duty of a phone is to respond immediately at all times.
  • You can’t delete, file or mark as ‘read’ email messages whilst offline – so no catching up on the plane.
  • The web browser doesn’t seem to cache the pages you’ve visited, so going back a page usually means waiting for it to reload. And the browser crashes too often.
  • The data connection dies from time to time – you need to go in & out of airplane mode to reconnect it.
  • It’s fussy about which wireless networks it connects to.
  • You can’t copy and paste.
  • You can’t forward large attachments without downloading them first.
  • It’s poor for reading html emails – it doesn’t wrap lines of text and doesn’t let you rotate the view on email.

And you can’t use it around children – they know it’s great for games and wasted on adults, and even seven year olds can work it out in seconds.