Strange Encounters of the IT Kind

Like any other kind of service industry, outsourced IT support tends to get a few bizarre service enquiries. Although our own team has experienced some strange situations, we love our clients and have decided not to mention them. So whilst these stories were not experienced by Conosco representatives, we can appreciate them and think that you will too.

1. In need of a little confidence…

  • Customer: “I cannot get on VPN.”
  • Technician: “Okay, do you have any error message?”
  • Customer: “Hang on a second. First I have to connect to Wi-Fi right?”
  • Technician: “Yes, that would help for sure.”
  • Customer: “How do I do that? Shall I click on that bars icon?”
  • Technician: “Yes, go ahead.”
  • Customer: “Now I have a list of possibilities. Which is correct, [his, not very common, last name]’s network?”
  • Technician: “That sounds like the one.”
  • Customer: “Now it says ‘connected’. What is next? Internet Explorer?”
  • Technician: “Yes, and then go to VPN landing page.”
  • Customer: “Oh, is it [exactly correct URL]?”
  • Technician: “Yes, that is the one.”
  • Customer: “Now what? It is asking for a username and password. Is it [correct ID] and [correct type of password]?”
  • Technician: “Yes, go ahead.”
  • Customer: “Oh, it says that I’m connected to VPN. Thank you very much for your help.”
  • Technician: “No problem, sir. I just do not know what should I put in your ticket.”
  • Customer: “Oh, put there that I just needed some confidence.”

2. The Password Game

  • Technician: “Can I get the name of the computer so I can check on it in our system?”
  • Customer: “[Computer].”
  • Technician: “It looks like [Computer] is registered for [Other User] instead of your account…”
  • Customer: “Yes, it’s his computer, and it won’t take my password to use it.”
  • Technician: “Are you using a password he gave you?”
  • Customer: “No, it’s my password, but it has his name here so it won’t work.”
  • Technician: “So you are using your password with someone else’s username, on their computer, and you don’t know why it won’t work?”
  • Customer: *hangs up*

3. Hung Up On You

  • Customer: “Please help me; I don’t have a dial tone and I need to make a phone call.”
    (Technician looks at the phone info and sees that it is currently being used. They then look at the caller ID and realise it matches the customer’s telephone number.)
  • Technician: “Sir, are you calling from your phone right now?”
  • Customer: “Well, yes, how else would I be talking to you?”
  • Technician: “Sir, if you do not have a dial tone how did you call me from the phone?”
  • Customer: “Well, I don’t remember!” *hangs up*

4. The Technology Doctor…

(A technician is following up on a voicemail left by a potential customer. From the voicemail, they know he’s looking for a specific medical product from the company’s medical division. They also know that the rights to the specific product had been sold to another company a few years ago. Thus, they dial the number he left in order to give him the other company’s contact information.)

  • Technician: “Hello, this is [My Name] from technical support at [My Company]. I’m calling to follow up with a voicemail you left with us earlier today.”
  • Customer: “Oh, yes, I’m so glad you got back to me!”
  • Technician: “As it turns out, [product he is interested in] is one of the products that [My Company] sold to [Other Company] a few years ago. Would you like to take down their phone number?”
  • Customer: “Well, actually, I can’t right now. I’m in surgery. It’s what I do for a living. But I’m sure I’ll be able to look up [Other Company]’s phone number if I search on the Internet.”
  • Technician: “Okay, well, I hope you have a good day and that everything turns out well.”
  • Customer:*cheerfully* “Oh, yes, we’re just closing up the chest now. Thanks again for calling me back!”
No matter the situation, we’re always happy to be at your service. At Conosco, we view our clients as our partners. It’s why we always do our utmost to ensure that they’re always happy with their overall experience.
If you need a company that you can rely on when it comes to your IT support,  get in touch for a free consultation.