The security of your business’ IT and its resilience are as fundamental as the building from which you operate, or the product you sell. It’s imperative that data is not compromised in any way. Allowing this to happen can cost you time, money and your reputation.

On Saturday 28th January, the international technology community recognises Data Protection Day, highlighting the importance of businesses and employees protecting their data and privacy online. In recognition of international Data Protection Day, we’ve produced a package to help businesses keep their data secure:

The ultimate guide to cyber security for employees

Basic steps every employee should take to strengthen company IT security.

Avoid taking the email phishing bait

A checklist which includes: being able to accurately distinguish  a phishing email from a genuine email, what to look for when you receive an email asking for a login, personal or financial information, and the use of unusual link addresses or domain names.

And here is some expert advice

from Noel Thompson, Remote Operations Director and Luke Morris, Technical Services Manager:

  • Carry out security training for all staff so they understand today’s cyber threats; such as ransomware – a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.
  • Improve  internet resilience – ensure your businesses computer or network system components are installed to back up primary resources in case they fail.
  • Educate employees not to share passwords with colleagues and/or leave them written down on post-it notes or pinned to office notice boards.
  • Invest in your business’ IT. Use a consultant to evaluate your business IT processes and identify how to make them more efficient and profitable. Consider IT consultancy which involves a review of your business, staff, key drivers, objectives and pain points of your business.
Stay safe, and get in touch if you need any advice on how to increase the security of your network.