Technology is critical to your business’ success. Despite many business owners and managers being aware of this, some still resist getting a professional IT support company to handle their office and/or IT relocation. In many cases, this is an expensive oversight that can prove detrimental to processes and profits.

If you do not have a strategy to migrate your IT, you will find that what you hoped would be a straightforward move becomes extremely disruptive to your business, not to mention expensive.

In this article, we’re shedding light on a few truths that involve the myths behind IT relocations.

Myth: You don’t need an IT support company to relocate your IT

This one is probably the most common myth and, in our eyes, it’s also the misconception that brings the most despair. Moving your business’ IT is no easy feat. If you attempt it alone, you may be left with the burden of extra costs and decreased productivity.

Myth: I have an internal IT department, they can do

It’s important to remember that your internal IT team might not have the relocation experience that many external providers do. In attempting to cut costs by using your own internal team, you could encourage other costs to mount, such as decreased productivity that stems from your IT department downing tools to get the relocation going.

An external provider can also give you the number of skilled professionals you need to tackle your IT relocation without being under or overstaffed.  Of course, achieving the relocation in line with the desired timeframe is another monumental task for the team in question. This is yet another reason why it pays to outsource this crucial task to a provider with years of experience.

Myth: It’s a simple case of moving computers, cables and servers from one spot to another

Not all buildings are made the same, and moving to a new building or space is sure to present new challenges. That’s why it’s imperative to plan any IT move carefully and methodically. The first thing an IT Support company should do is to create an IT relocation checklist. This will include everything you need to consider, from the infrastructure of an existing building, to new floor planning and cabling. 

Crucially, experts can use your office and IT relocation as an opportunity to help you streamline your IT infrastructure and make it more efficient and profitable to run.

Don’t risk it

When you’re moving your IT, there’s a definitive line between being completely operational after relocation or being in a state of utter chaos. The latter involves unproductive staff, frustrated clients and a loss of time and revenue. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that many companies opt for trusted IT providers with a reputation for delivering real results.

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