Your phone: the passkey and remote control for your life


Apple announced its HomeKit home automation project last night as a way to connect iPhones and iPads to smart home devices like light bulbs and appliances.

It’s a huge play. Most machines and devices that we use in everyday life will soon be connected to the internet and capable of remote control and interaction. Luxury cars can be unlocked, home heating can be turned off, fridges, ovens, everything… If you’re sensible you already secure your online accounts with 2-step verification via your phone. (It wasn’t just for convenience that Apple added a fingerprint sensor to the iPhone – we’ll need good locks on our phones.)

And we’ve hardly started with interaction between these devices. When you tell your car’s satnav to take you home, it will send your ETA to your home heating and the oven.

The mobile phone is becoming the universal passkey and remote control for your life. Whoever controls your phone will be in the catbird seat.