How outsourced IT support supplements the bottom line

IT affects all business operations. Whether you’re running a large enterprise or a startup, having the right IT support and infrastructure  is key to your business’ success. Insufficient or ineffective IT support wastes valuable company time, hampers collaboration and productivity, and, in turn, affects the company’s bottom line. Outsourcing your IT services has some obvious benefits.

Outsourcing IT support cuts costs

For many companies, outsourcing IT support is the best way to tap into the expertise of seasoned IT professionals without having to recruit and pay these highly-skilled people a full-time salary – and to avoid the expensive and time-consuming recruitment process all over again if they leave.

By partnering with a company that specialises in IT support and services, you can gain an advantage over companies which don’t have access to the same level of resources.

That’s what we did for London-based physiotherapy group  Six Physio.  Their customer base was growing, and they were looking to add more clinics to their network. But a lack of in house IT support limited their ability to open new clinics quickly and efficiently with all the right infrastructure in place. We provided them with a suitable IT strategy and direction, implementing a scalable IT infrastructure that allowed for simple and cost-effective roll-outs of new clinics. 

Access to the latest technology

Given how rapidly software and hardware solutions are evolving, with some even becoming obsolete, making substantial IT infrastructure investments can actually be a poor business decision. Also, as technologies and systems change, you need to be training your staff and hiring people with the necessary expertise to derive the most value from these innovations. This equates to greater expenses. By outsourcing your IT services your business can tap into, and benefit from, the experience of a team of expert IT professionals.  

Regester Larkin, an international consultancy specialising in crisis, issues and reputation management, was working with outdated legacy infrastructure that was no longer fit-for-purpose. We conducted an in-depth IT audit to determine what strategy they needed to put in place to support their goals. We were able to help Regester Larkin migrate from a complex legacy infrastructure to a more resilient and efficient cloud-based infrastructure.

Improvement in overall efficiency and productivity

A fashion brand that produces luxury handbags and accessories, Anya Hindmarch, had their sights set on expansion. We created an IT blueprint for their new stores, with standardised hardware and software and a standard timeline and budget. By doing so, their project managers were able to plan and set up new stores quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing your IT services frees up resources and allows managers to concentrate on broader business goals and objectives. This is especially true when it comes to handling problems; in the event of a data breach or system shutdown, for example, you want things handled quickly and efficiently. Professional outsourcing IT service providers have the knowledge you need to make sound business decisions and are equipped to help businesses get the job done as systematically as possible.

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