New map reveals the history of our London IT support location

Conosco is a proud Londoner, providing IT support to London-based businesses since 2002. So when we came across the London Picture Map, we couldn’t wait to explore a piece of ‘Lost London’.

Launched last week, the London Picture Map includes over 150,000 historical images, which were digitized and mapped over the last two years.

The result is a fascinating reimagining of our great city, opening dusty windows to what once was.

Of course, we searched straight away for what was once where our IT support office building, The Plaza (535 Kings Road, London, SW10 0SZ), stands today.

The corner of Lots and Kings now (Conosco IT support office)

Conosco IT Support

A a modern office building housing our London-based IT support office.

The corner of Lots and Kings then:

Conosco IT Support 2

Ashburnam House, which later become Ashburnam School.

The building’s name comes from John Ashburnham (the second Earl of Ashburnham) who acquired land near the river in 1767 and built a house there. After passing through many hands, the land eventually became Cremorne Gardens – a popular entertainment spot from 1845 to 1877, with restaurants, dancing and other recreational activities.

How to use the London Picture Map

Far more interesting than looking for Pokemon, you can search by entering the name of a street or postcode (the existing names). The map will load all relevant image markers, which you can click on to see the images linked to that particular location.

Interested to see what was once where you are? Search for your area on the London Picture Map.