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Client: Medialab

Based in London’s West End, Medialab Group are one of the UK’s leading direct marketing and media agencies. They offer clients a comprehensive range of media planning, sales and fulfillment services to assist with their direct marketing campaigns through a variety of highly effective channels.


The Challenge

  • Relocating staff and infrastructure to a new location.
  • Keeping Medialab’s IT infrastructure current, fit for purpose, cost-effective and working to achieve business goals.

Our Solution

  • Strategic planning of Medialab’s relocation to new premises.
  • Cloud migration, with proactive and reactive management and support of these solutions.


  • Medialab’s relocation completed without impact to the business. Leveraged planned downtime during the relocation to replace infrastructure equipment.
  • Improved employee productivity and business continuity; cost efficiency and scalability to enable business growth; access to enterprise-class security.

What Medialab say about Conosco

“Conosco have been a trusted partner for the past 8 years. During that time they have taken care of all IT support and infrastructure needs, which has meant that we have been able to focus on growing our core business.” – Alex Kirk, Director

How we did it

IT Relocation

In 2013, Medialab Group moved to a new office and relied on Conosco to provide connectivity on the site as well as liaise with building contractors and third party vendors to ensure the new office was fit for purpose and fully equipped to host Medialab’s IT. Guided by our expertise, Medialab was able to strategically upgrade aspects of their IT infrastructure, including new switches, new UPS,  new structured cabling, new 27U server rack and a new printer.

To ensure minimal disruption, the new hardware was set up in the new office in advance, using the weekend to make sure all IT infrastructure was live for Monday morning so employees could get back to work straight away on their improved network.

Cloud migration

In 2015, we identified that it would be beneficial for Medialab to migrate from on-premise to a hybrid cloud solution. The first step was to replace the legacy on-premise file server with a single VMWare ESXi server host. The legacy file server was virtualised and data replicated to the Egnyte cloud, delivering a hybrid cloud solution that allows for scalability, mobility and vastly improved business continuity. By consolidating and virtualising servers, we significantly reduced Medialab’s physical infrastructure, which reduces energy and space consumption and associated costs. In fact, they’re now able to do more with less, saving time, money and resources in the process.

Although Medialab migrated their live databases to a cloud solution, they needed to retain archive access to the old SQL databases for a small number of users, which we were able to accommodate.

Office 365

The next logical step in Medialab’s cloud migration was to change from on premise Exchange server email to a Microsoft Office 365 platform, with all users having Office 365 accounts for applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook.

Having done this move for a number of our clients, we have developed a seamless standard migration process that ensures minimal disruption and Medialab was able to make a smooth transition to Office 365.

Ongoing cloud management

With the implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure, it’s important that Conosco manages these solutions closely. As applications become more interconnected in the cloud, the value of maintaining those applications grows, and Conosco are on-hand to assist Medialab with all their cloud-based needs.

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