conosco - Jeremy PembertonJeremy started his career in IT as a consultant working in London, designing, implementing and managing IT projects and systems for a wide range of customer including Saatchi & Saatchi, Investec, Morgan Stanley. But along with colleague Max Mlinaric, the two felt that the company they worked for was too profit-hungry, and wasn’t delivering true value to its clients.

Their solution to this problem? To to start their own IT company, inspired by a single vision: that every recommendation and every service offered to a client must be the right one for that client’s needs, regardless of how much or how little money it would make the them.

Jeremy is still company director at Conosco, and is still focused on being a “customer advocate”. Over the years, he’s taken on a more strategic role, but also focuses on customer retention, profitability, and satisfaction.

“I take care to always apply tech from the client’s perspective. Most ‘techies’ love tech for it’s own sake, but we need to apply it to business to make it relevant for our clients. it’s also important to emphasise that it’s more than just a necessary evil.”

What makes Jeremy tick is “winning major new clients, implementing new technology, and marrying up customer requirements with our own.  I love tech and solving business issues with it.”

And in his spare time, Jeremy spends as much time as he can outdoors. He runs a Polo team and is an accomplished polo player himself.

Key skills and strengths

  • Customer Focus
  • Value for money
  • Alignment of interests

Jeremy’s areas of expertise

  • Cloud computing
  • MSP
  • VOIP
  • Microsoft
  • Google