iPhone 3GS

The third coming… the new iPhone will be here in July on June 19. Here’s what we’re getting

  • the ‘S’ stands for speed, something the current 3G model lacks – up to two times faster in both applications and downloads
  • a 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus and macro – not exactly catching up with the competition, but an improvement – maybe with the extra resolution it will actually need to do some focussing
  • exposure and white-balance on the camera – now we can use it the other half of the time
  • video shooting at 30 fps – another catch-up – but with editing on the phone
  • 20% more battery life – very welcome if you try to use some of the things that make the iPhone stand out from the competition
  • digital compass – this will open up fascinating new applications, as the phone can now know not just where it is, but where it’s pointing. Think for instance of tourist guide apps that overlay information on what the screen sees through the camera
  • same looks, more or less