At Conosco, we’re remote IT support specialists. This means that many companies depend on us to help them and their staff maximise remote productivity. Whilst we couldn’t possibly tell you every success story, we’re sharing the common thread between most of them and how we solved their IT conundrums.

Many of our clients have employees who are on the road and need to work remotely. They often approach us to see how we could help revolutionise their remote infrastructure. With success and profitability in mind, mediocre remote IT support simply won’t do. Our approach to this is one that we tailor to suit every client. We meet with them and identify their needs.

Some of which might include the following:

  • Better accessibility and collaboration for users.
  • Safe and reliable email and file access, both in the office and remotely.
  • An ability to work on company files while travelling with no internet access.

In our experience, we find that having an efficient remote working infrastructure allows employees to work faster and more productively. It also limits downtime, preventing those lulls in productivity that come from a sudden drop in connection.

Helping to optimise remote infrastructure is never just a once-off project for us. We see ourselves as long-term partners that advise our clients on evolving IT strategies that will suit the needs and objectives of their businesses as the business changes over time. Understanding exactly what they require and what their priorities are  is always the first step to helping implement the appropriate solutions.

Stable connections and servers are key

Without them, you’ll be underperforming, which is something we come across all too often. As a result, we help to minimise user frustrations and delays by suggesting that they utilise hybrid infrastructures. With file sharing systems such as Egnyte or Google Drive in the picture, our clients have noted improved file collaboration and easier access both on site and remotely. By deploying a new Active Directory Domain for centralised user security and computer management, those who partner with us have seen just how efficient and secure their processes can be.

Don’t underestimate Office 365

A migration to Office 365 can be done with minimal interruptions and downtime. Through this switch, clients can see the benefits of a better connection and a host of applications and emails that are just as effective both in and out of the office. It might seem like an inconsequential change-over but when they recognise the tangible benefits for the company as a whole, they can’t help but sing its praises.

24/7 Support

The backbone of the Conosco offering is the promise of support whenever clients might need it. Our engineers are always on hand and able to solve over 90% of issues remotely. Not only does this save time, but it lets employees get back to work as soon as possible. Don’t allow your business to settle for inferior IT. It’s time to revolutionise the way your team work remotely. For a high level of service with unlimited support and value for money, please contact us today.