Google’s omniscience

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt recently:

Think of it as an opportunity to instrument the world. These networks are now so pervasive that we can literally know everything if we want to. What people are doing, what people care about, information that’s monitored, we can literally know it if we want to, [pauses, lowers voice] and if people want us to know it.

via Eric Schmidt: we can literally know everything « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting.

The Onion’s take on it

The company has also encouraged feedback, explaining that users can type any concerns they may still have into any open browser window or, if they are members of Google Voice, “simply speak directly into [their] phones right now.”

Either way, the company said, “We’ll know.”

But another comment by Schmidt Google throws it back on us –

Google will know more about the customer because it benefits the customer if we know more about them.

You don’t have to take these services, but many will make the trade-off. Humans are easy.