Entourage for Exchange

Microsoft are finally releasing Outlook for the Mac a version of Mac Entourage designed to work with MS Exchange, the default mail-contacts-calendar system for businesses. Mac users have struggled with Exchange for years – it’s the main hurdle in using a Mac in businesses – so this could be a milestone in Apple’s re-colonisation of corporates.

Technically, the update (still in beta) drops the WebDAV protocol and adopts Exchange Web Services, allowing closer integration with an Exchange server and faster sync speeds. New features include

  • it now syncs Notes, Tasks and Categories
  • allows attachments in Calendar meetings
  • improved autodiscovery keeps account settings synced with the server

These should go a long way (with the new features in Entourage 08) in levelling the field between Outlook on Windows and Entourage on Mac. The main area that Entourage lacks is any Visual Basic support, but most smaller companies don’t use that anyway.

At Conosco, our IT support services are committed to making Mac users comfortable in corporate Windows environments, and this.