ebl miller rosenfalck

Client: ebl miller rosenfalck

Headquartered in the London, ebl miller rosenfalck is an international business law firm with in-depth knowledge of cross border issues.


The Challenge

  • The firm’s IT infrastructure was outdated and out of warranty
  • Minimising risk and ensuring that sensitive client data is protected
  • Maintaining business-critical email continuity in almost any contingency
  • Balancing capital expenditure with ongoing costs

Our Solution

  • A hybrid IT infrastructure:The existing on-premise hardware replaced with new, fit-for-purpose hardware for ebl miller rosenfalck’s large datasets and specialised desktop apps; and the email server hosted in the cloud
  • Virtualisation technology to split the roles from the existing physical servers and allocate  them to virtual servers
  • Mimecast email filtering and continuity
  • A failover internet circuit
  • Secure data backups for both the on-premise and cloud solutions.


  • ebl miller rosenfalck now have the ‘best of both worlds’ – with accessible email in the cloud, and sensitive legal data and specialised applications accessible onsite.
  • Even if the offices are offline, employees can access email and continue working via smartphones and tablets, essential for the high value of lawyers’ time.
  • Minimised risk to data and business continuity.
  • Overall, ebl miller rosenfalck now have a more resilient, secure IT infrastructure suited to their specific needs as a legal firm.

What ebl miller rosenfalck say about Conosco

“IT is essential to our firm. If emails or any of our software is not working, we will not be able to do our work, so having the right IT infrastructure allows us to optimise productivity.
Conosco has always been good in suggesting what would be the most resilient set-up, and moving to the hybrid solution has enabled more flexible working patterns for us. Conosco closely follows changes in the IT market and when new, better solutions are on the market from which the firm would benefit, they proactively encourage an IT upgrade –
often these upgrades actually mean cost-savings! I would highly recommend Conosco’s services to other businesses.”
– Steen Rosenfalck, Senior Partner

How we did it

Is the cloud always the answer?

A client of ours since 2004, ebl miller rosenfalck had all its servers in its London premises. This traditional approach, often favoured for peace of mind and cost-saving, is also attractive to lawyers who need to know where their data are kept. However, hosting servers at your offices carries risks. The security is rarely as good as a dedicated data centre; the electricity backup is poor or non-existent; out-of-hours access for engineers can be problematic; servers can overheat in hot weather; and generally this approach leads to unreliable systems with more downtime and less security.

In 2012 ebl miller rosenfalck decided to move its servers to the cloud to minimise these risks to their business. We reevaluated their priorities and agreed that email is the key to their business – we needed to ensure that they could read and send emails in almost any contingency.

It was also clear that, given the high value of lawyers’ time, it was essential that staff could keep doing productive work even if their internet connections were down.

These requirements pointed to a hybrid approach that fitted with ebl miller rosenfalck’s infrastructure roadmap and balanced capital expenditure with ongoing costs. We would put their email server in the cloud – hosted in a data centre – so that even if their offices were offline they could access emails by smartphones and tablets and keep in touch with clients.

Then we would keep a file server onsite (with new hardware) to accommodate large datasets and the desktop-based applications used daily by the employees.

The hosted solution is designed to allow for a combination of servers to be hosted on-premise and offsite, using virtualisation technology to split the roles from the existing physical servers and allocated them virtual servers (hosted on the new physical server).

(Down)time is money

ebl miller rosenfalck’s business is dependent on email efficiency and continuity, so we implemented Mimecast for email filtering and continuity. With ebl miller rosenfalck’s reliance on internet connectivity, we also implemented a failover internet circuit to keep them connected in almost any eventuality.

Backups for both

As a legal firm with high volumes of essential data, both the on-premise and hosted servers need a secure backup solution. The on-premise servers were backed up to an on-premise dedicated backup appliance and then replicated to offsite locations; and the hosted servers were backed up using StorageCraft provided on Conosco’s hosting platform. And since a backup is only as valuable as its testing, each restore was tested successfully.

Solution summary:

  • New onsite (virtualised) file server for desktop applications, files and printing
  • New offsite email server and secondary domain controller
  • StorageCraft Backup solution
  • Failover internet connectivity
  • Mimecast implementation with data ingestion and archive power tools

Best-of-breed and the best of both

ebl miller rosenfalck’s migration from their existing end-of-life systems to cost-effective, updated alternatives means that they now have resilient, secure IT infrastructure on which to grow their modern legal business. And with the hybrid cloud and on-premise model, they have boosted email continuity for this business-critical function in the cloud, as well as secure onsite data storage and desktop application access.