We are proud to announce a new office in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Headed by Noel Thompson, a native Zimbabwean who was Systems Manager with us in London for four years, we have set up two teams in South Africa drawing on the excellent pool of IT talent in the Durban area.

The new Remote Support team will operate alongside our London-based Onsite Support team to handle incoming calls and cases. Given the Sterling-Rand exchange rate (one of the few still in our favour) we will be able to provide a higher staffing level and faster turnaround of Support cases than with a purely London-based team.

Alongside them, our Systems team is focused on monitoring and maintaining all our customers’ computers and networks. They use live alerting systems and daily exception reports to pick up embryonic problems, usually before a user would notice, and then fix them before anything actually breaks. These range from users filling up fileservers with music libraries, to anti-virus programs failing to update, to internet connections running slowly, and much more.