Mental Health Awareness

Last month our team took part in a well-being challenge in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. With the theme being Nature, all employees were encouraged to get outside and walk or run 15km (on average 5km is 6500 steps) between the 10th and 17th May. By connecting with the natural world we manifest good mental health which is central to our physical, emotional and psychological well-being as well as contributing to a happy and motivated workforce.

For each employee that took part, we donated to one of two charities related to this year’s theme. Part of the money raised went towards the planting of British bluebells in the UK, whilst the rest went towards a food donation for the SPCA, who campaign for animal welfare in South Africa.

The team were also encouraged to share pictures of their walks in nature as part of a competition which was judged by our CEO, Luca Pepere.

Congratulations to Manju Prathaban from our UK office and Sian Holtzhuizen in South Africa who sent in the winning entries. As a reward, both have received a voucher to put towards a mental health activity of their choice.

Speaking about the importance of mental health Luca says,

It’s great to see the Conosco family come together to support our well-being initiatives and show off their creative sides. We should never underestimate the importance of good mental-health. Stepping away from the desk and taking time for ourselves allows us to come back refreshed and ready to give our best to our colleagues and clients.