How to back up a server

Any IT solution provider will tell you that it’s essential to back up old servers. You never know when you might need some of the data stored. This is especially important today, when businesses and brands require evidence and a paper trail to help them in legal situations.

Don’t allow your old server to get buried under old files and office junk. Take our advice and back it up, now.

There’s really only one step you need to take – contact an IT solution provider.

As much as you might have a few IT professionals working for you in-house, things get a little more complex when it comes to backing up old servers. This happens for a number of reasons:

  1. Due to connectivity issues, you may not be able to “unload” server data.
  2. You might encounter file size issues based on what’s stored on there.
  3. You’ll need to clean up the data on the old server so that it can easily be organised for ease of file retrieval.
  4. It will take you forever if you attempt to do this alone. By the time you’ve had to troubleshoot each error message or bump in the road that you encounter, you’ll be frustrated, annoyed and exhausted. Save yourself the time and effort and just chat to someone reliable who does this for a living.

Because old systems often lack access to modern APIs, they often have trouble linking up to modern virtualised environments. This presents an issue for many businesses wanting to upgrade all of their servers and systems without slowing down speed or experiencing software clashes. Professional IT providers can help weigh up your options and implement the ones that best suit your IT needs.

We do ask that you refrain from being tempted to tackle the task of updating your servers alone. You’ll probably end up confused, or worse, losing all of the data on your old server. We’ve seen this one too many times and we’d love nothing more than to prevent these hassles.

At Conosco we understand the pitfalls that come with utilising old equipment. It’s why we do our utmost to help our clients optimise their technology in a way that suits their needs and budget. For more on how our team of passionate IT professionals can help you back up old servers or modernise your current IT system, please visit our website today.