Cloud Services

Remember the last time you tried something new? Whether it’s a food, product, habit, or even an exercise, it’s common to face a few hiccups when you try something you’re unfamiliar with. The same is true for those who are venturing into cloud services for the first time, so if you’re facing teething problems you’re not alone.

Cloud computing support and services are hailed as a key tool for success for numerous reasons:

  • Highly cost efficient as you share a provider’s resources with other customers
  • Less in-house infrastructure expenses meaning less capital expenditure
  • Easy scalability, which lessens bottlenecks and barriers in your growth
  • Ensures business continuity and enables disaster recovery
  • More reliable, as providers often run servers across multiple sites
  • Enterprise-class server security and options for any customer, no matter what size
As a first-time cloud user, you’re likely to encounter one of these common problems:

[vc_accordions style=”margin-left:-1px;” style=”fancy-style” action_style=”accordion-action” open_toggle=”0″ container_bg_color=”#fff”][vc_accordion_tab title=”(1) A Lack of Proper Support”]Cloud IT SupportA major complaint in the cloud realm is that of inadequate cloud support. As a business, you should always consider how involved you want to be with the service before you embark on your cloud journey. If you are prepared and skilled enough to run your operations internally, then you will not need to rely heavily on your provider for support.

Should you need to someone external to take on the harder tasks of facilitation and maintenance, you will need a skilled and hard-working team who lessen downtime and keep you in the loop. Always do the necessary research before you choose a cloud provider, especially if you require or expect a high level of involvement from the service-giver. [/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”(2) Reliability”]Cloud Support ReliabilityDue to the important tasks and processes facilitated by cloud services, you will need utter reliability. This trustworthiness comes down to the service provider that you choose to partner with. By ensuring that the one you select is reputable with a good track record, you’ll guarantee peace of mind; secure in the knowledge that your cloud computing support will always be well taken care of.

Please read the fine print of your service agreement so that you fully understand the roles and responsibilities of your provider. That way, you won’t be left in a difficult position when you experience downtime, affected components or lost servers. [/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”(3) Overall Delivery and Performance”]
Cloud Service Delivery & PerformanceA common oversight with businesses is the tendency to focus on what they need now, rather than what they will potentially need later. This omission will often impact performance in the future. For example, our system can host our current basic website now, but in three years time, we’re going to need a costly upgrade to accommodate a newer, more elaborate site.

By sitting down with a reliable provider and discussing your business’ own unique set of requirements, you’ll be able to tailor a solution that best meets your needs, whilst remaining inline with your budget.[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”(4) Control vs. Flexibility” ]Cloud Support FlexibilityWe get it; letting go of the reins is pretty tough when you’ve built your business from the ground up. But fear not, good cloud providers will always keep you in the loop so that you always have the level of control that you are most comfortable with. Cloud options allow you to scale your services if and when you need to, allowing you to further control your cloud offering and how it impacts your business operations.

With many cloud services offering mobile access to a host of devices and applications, you can have peace of mind that the power lies with you. [/vc_accordion_tab][/vc_accordions]

For more on how Conosco can offer your business flexible, reliable and high-performing cloud services, why not chat to us today?