Cloud Computing Benefits for your Business – going paperless

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is having a significant impact on businesses worldwide, and the technology is helping many companies achieve a paperless work environment. Cloud- based technology has benefits for both your business and the environment.

Below are some of the most impactful ways that cloud- based technology is changing the traditional paper-filled business methods for the better.

Enhances Data Security

Companies should always be concerned about the security and integrity of their confidential documents. Enforcing a policy of locking filing cabinets and shredding important documents could be made compulsory, but this is not a foolproof approach to data protection.

Creating a paperless environment using cloud technology means that you can eliminate physical copies of your confidential business documents. The documents will be shared with your company personnel only, which means outsiders will not have access to your business documents. As an added layer of security, you can assign specific roles to your employees and set role-specific access to these critical files.

Reliable Document Repository

Modern businesses need quick access to all their necessary information and sorting through the traditional paper-based system can take some time. 

There is also the issue of document storage. You will need storage items such as drawers and, cabinets; and electrical equipment such as printers, copiers and the like to create and store documents. If you want to keep multiple backups of your documents, the total expense could easily become twice or thrice the original amount.

When you have all your business documents uploaded to the cloud, you can find the necessary documents with a few mouse clicks. Cloud- based applications also make it a lot easier to collaborate and/or share various documents between groups of people.

Automated Backups

Losing an important file could be costly to your business. One way to avoid this problems is to keep multiple backups of the necessary documents, but brings additional issues such as the need for extra storage, paper and printing cost and data privacy.

When using cloud services, however, you can easily keep multiple backups of your necessary business documents at little to no cost at all.

Reducing the Overall Expense

Saving money on operational costs is vital to all businesses, and when you rely on outdated systems you opt into several unnecessary expenses.

Firstly, there is the obvious cost of buying paper. Then, you need to buy printers and copy machines. You will need ink, toner and cartridges for this equipment. They also need regular maintenance. Because paper-based systems reduce your business efficiency, this costs you more money. While there is a fee for using cloud- based systems, it is usually more affordable in comparison to the traditional approach and reduces Capex.

Eco-friendly Business Approach

When you rely on a paper-based system, you naturally use a lot of paper. Trees and fresh water are the two main ingredients of paper and paper usage means using more of these precious resources. When you factor in the paper carrying, distribution, printing, electricity usage etc. the environmental impact is significant. 


In order to remain competitive in the modern world, businesses need to adapt their IT infrastructure to incorporate emerging technologies that make companies more efficient, more environmentally-friendly and more economical.

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