Your IT can green your business – here’s how:

As an IT Support Company (London and beyond), we know how beneficial a sustainable IT strategy can be, not only to the environment, but to your company’s bottom line.  A good IT service company can help you develop a technology system that supports sustainability and creates business efficiencies.

A greener approach to IT

The rise of the cloud has meant more than just improved connectivity and ease of use. Cloud-based systems also eliminate the need for multiple devices within your network. In the past, you might have needed more hardware solutions to store your data, run your applications and software etc. By outsourcing computing needs to cloud providers, your business will need less hardware and will thus use less power, resulting in a lower carbon footprint –  and a lower utility bill. And the cloud providers themselves are under competitive pressure to cut the massive electricity costs of their data centres by implementing efficient cooling systems and new ways of scaling back electricity use when servers are less busy.

Fewer hardware systems, lower impact

We suggest unified communications solutions that blend data and voice into a single line. This can go a long way towards reducing infrastructure and wiring involved. Unified communications also mesh all servers and platforms into one complete system, making it easier to use overall and more environmentally-friendly.  

Less unnecessary travel

With unified communications offering data and voice capabilities, you may find that you can cut down on unnecessary trips for meetings that can be conducted over a video call. This will reduce your business’ carbon footprint and decrease time spent out of the office. It’s a win-win situation.

Green IT boosts remote capabilities

With the help of the cloud, green IT can offer your business improved remote working abilities. This allows staff to work from wherever they have an internet connection, providing more options and opportunities for work to be done. Remote working can also improve employee satisfaction, which has a direct impact on how hard your staff are prepared to work. Flexibility, responsiveness and faster problem solving are also major benefits associated with remote working.

It’s time to go green

With an eco-friendly edge presenting opportunities for your business, you can gain more clientele if your competitors aren’t following suit.

If your business could use an IT strategy that is eco-friendly, decreases running costs and drives productivity, why not get in touch with us today?