Anders Reeves


Anders has enjoyed a career in IT infrastructure, technology operations and information security leadership for more than a decade. He has held positions of senior technology leadership at notable multi-national brands that include Sony Playstation, and the Photobox Group.

Experienced in business strategy, information security, compliance, operations and leadership, Anders is now focused on growth and capability development for Conosco. Personal interests and achievements have included motorcycling across the Sahara and climbing Kilimanjaro as the result of a lost bet.

Amit Dattani

Director of Technology

Amit has over 15 years industry experience in IT infrastructure, technical operations and management in varying industries from MSP to internal IT teams. Amit started out working in support and has worked through all levels of IT, including leading large projects as technical project owner as well as leading high performing teams. Amit loves to understand business strategies and aligning technology to compliment these. In his spare time, he enjoying dedicating his time to his young boys and whenever possible watches his beloved Liverpool FC.

Ilias Papakonstantinou

Director of Professional Services

Ilias grew up in Athens, where his dad bought him his first computer at the age of two. It was hardly a surprise when Ilias went on to pursue a career in IT. He took his Microsoft exams in India, where he met students from the UK and decided to move to London. Ilias has a decade of experience in IT, with a special interest in aligning IT project work with business strategy to give clients a competitive advantage.

In his spare time, Ilias enjoys boxing and reading self-development books, perhaps in preparation for the good-natured teasing he endures in the office for being Greek and good-looking.

Noel Thompson

Remote Operations Director

Noel started out life as a trainee tobacco farmer in Zimbabwe, but he decided to pursue his other interest and went to college in Harare to study IT.

Noel has been in the IT industry for over two decades, originally working for ISPs before moving into IT services.

He became such an important part of the Conosco team that when he said he wanted to return to South Africa, we asked him to open a new office in Pietermaritzburg, just outside Durban.