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 To complement our core Managed Computing IT support,
we offer a broad range of IT services including:


IT Audit:
With every client, we undertake a formal review of all IT systems and applications, as well as getting an understanding of the business, its key drivers and how IT interacts with them.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:
Our business continuity and disaster recovery strategies offer a high level of protection against any eventuality – before, during and after it happens.

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IT Relocation:
Conosco can guide you through the entire process of moving offices, from start to finish. As with all our IT services, we plan your move to the finest detail.

IT Infrastructure Upgrades:
Technology evolves and businesses have to evolve their IT infrastructure along with it or risk losing the competitive advantage that comes from keeping pace with the latest developments. We have no allegiance to any specific product or service and our independence means our advice is unbiased.

IT Services - Conosco

Remote Working:
There are many technical ways of enabling remote working. They key is to choose the right option for your business. Our experience and expertise will guide you through the entire process and deliver quantifiable benefits.

Virtualisation Services:
Well-structured virtualisation builds a high degree of flexibility into your business, generates significant cost-savings and improves scalability. Virtualisation is a key part of the value we deliver to our clients and we are experts in all major virtualisation platforms including VMware, Xen, and Microsoft Hyper V.

IT Services - Conosco

IT Software and Hardware:
You will never have to deal with anyone other than Conosco for any IT hardware and software you need. We will do more than help you choose the right products. We will ensure you have a full understanding of all pricing models and help you match the IT services package that will deliver most value to your business.

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The Evolution of IT

Is your business IT evolutionary or revolutionary?

The Evolution of IT

Is your business IT evolutionary or revolutionary?