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Who & What

We are Conosco. We provide fixed-price IT support and IT services to London’s most demanding businesses. Here’s what partnering with Conosco will mean to you:

  • You get a dedicated IT Consultant who understands your business and its goals and undertakes a quarterly and annual technical review.
  • You get peace of mind knowing that our advanced remote monitoring systems are working 24/7 spotting and dealing with problems before they even arise.
  • You get the expertise you need to create competitive advantages for your business – whether it’s greater business continuity, intelligent ERP systems or the ability to support secure collaborative working.
  • You get our true fixed pricing policy – no exceptions.
  • You get a partner, not a supplier. We won the Real Business Customer Kings award because we do the right thing for you (and because, unlike our competitors, our account management team is bigger than our sales team).
  • And you get to walk away if you’re not happy because we only ever ask for a 30-day rolling contract.

We must be doing something right: our founding clients are still with us 11 years later.


Max Mlinaric, Managing Director

Max started his career as a graphic designer and then crossed to work as a technical engineer for a small London-based IT firm in 1999. In 2002 he went on to co-found Conosco.

With a passion for IT strategy he worked mostly on client relationships and new business until 2013, when he took the reins as Managing Director.

In parallel to Conosco Max runs various property development projects and if that weren’t enough to fill the days (and nights!) he co-founded, organises and chefs at a series of pop-up restaurant events. Max is one of those rare people who likes using both sides of his brain, which gives him a refreshing approach to problem solving.


Ben Gladstone, Director

As a farm labourer in his teens Ben found out that stacking bales of straw is a really hard way to make a living and promptly disappeared to Trinity College, Cambridge to study Philosophy.

He moved from big ideas to big numbers during a stint with Coopers & Lybrand and went on to co-found an internet consultancy advising large corporates and the European Commission. He then co-founded Obongo, a Silicon Valley software company, leading the team that invented, patented and developed the technology for managing online passwords and credit card data.

In frustration at the lack of high quality computer support for small businesses, he co-founded Conosco in 2002. He also helps run his wife’s boutique family hotel in Le Marche, Italy.


Jeremy Pemberton, Director

Jeremy started his career in the City of London working for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Investec and Saatchi & Saatchi.

He co-founded Conosco in 2002 and was originally our Chief Technical Officer. Jeremy is now directly responsible for major accounts such as Cadogan Estates, Anya Hindmarch and the Bedford Estates.

Jeremy is also involved in strategic land investment and planning, recently leading the design and build of a major NHS IVF clinic. Outside work you’ll mostly find Jeremy playing sports or working with charities that are close to his heart. He is a trustee of The Evelyn Trust, a grant-making charity supporting medical research.


Noel Thompson, Remote Operations Director

Noel started out life as a trainee tobacco farmer in Zimbabwe, but was not a fan of cold winter mornings in Wedza. As a result he decided to pursue his other interest and went to college in Harare to study IT.

Noel has now been in the IT industry for 14 years, originally working for ISPs before moving into IT outsourcing and more recently as Engineering Manager at Wavex.

The chance to be involved with driving the back-end technology for the business made Noel leave Wavex for Conosco. He’s become such an important part of the team that when he said he wanted to return to South Africa, we asked him to open a new office just outside Durban.


Shoaib Laher, Head of Account Management

Shoaib began his career as an apprentice at Connection Group in South Africa before moving to the country’s largest Cisco distributor. He went from desktop support to IT manager in one year before creating a technical presales role for himself. Before long he was doing so much Cisco business they started funding him as an exclusive Cisco sales exec.

He swiftly became a pure Cisco distributor covering all of sub-Saharan Africa and spent a year in Lagos building a Cisco channel in Nigeria.

Shoaib was drawn to Europe by the 2006 World Cup and decided to stay in London. He joined Conosco soon after and hasn’t missed a World Cup since, so don’t try calling him during Rio 2014.


Matt Martin, Services Director

Matt has over 20 years’ industry experience from under-the-bonnet IT support to strategy, management and leadership.

He started his career at Lloyds of London with three years of IT support on their mainframes. He then undertook two roles at Computacenter over the course of 15 years.

In his first stint Matt worked through the IT department ranks, finally running the Technical Support Group. This involved managing 30 people looking after managed service customers such as banks and large corporates.

In his second stint Matt was a Service Manager looking after Marks & Spencer’s IT server and desktop infrastructure, and GIST Logistics. The “highlight’ was working for 28 hours straight onsite over Christmas, ensuring £4,000 a second kept flowing through the tills.